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Church Rock Cemetery Nottingham 21-06-2016

The Missus and me love to visit old cemeteries whenever we have the chance to do so. That sounds kind of creepy. Actually it isn´t. You can tell the history of a town by its cemetery. Some of the tombstones are real works of art.

Because we had to visit Nottingham anyway we had planned to visit ´Church Rock Cemetery´ on the third Tuesday of June. The day before there were some heavy showers but on Tuesday the sun was shining. It is an easy 15 minute walk from the Victoria Shopping Center. On the road come across loads of old shops and strangely enough, hairdressers.

The terrain of the cemetery is quite hilly. Lots of graves are placed crisscross all over the place. It is a genuine Victorian cemetery that exists from 1845 Most of the graves are damaged and overgrown. This really adds to the atmosphere. I think the site would be an ideal location for a horror film. Even more bizarre are the graves that seem to have sunk in the ground. We also see clear signals of vandalism. As we look at the type of garbage we also find this place is also loved by the local drunks and junkies.

In the end we walked for approximately 2 hours at the cemetery. What struck me was the fact that the lifespan of people in the 19th century was rather short. What also struck me were the references to unification of family members after death on most of the headstones. I also encountered lots of graves of young men who died in the Great War. Next you´ll see some of the pictures I took.


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