Church Rock Cemetery Nottingham 21-06-2016

The Missus and me love to visit old cemeteries whenever we have the chance to do so. That sounds kind of creepy. Actually it isn´t. You can [...]

Amsterdam City Archives 15th of may 2016

For a small fee you can have a guided tour of the City Archives of Amsterdam on a Saturday/Sunday afternoon. We enlisted for the tour on Sat [...]

Jeff Lynne´s ELO, 1st of May 2016, Ziggo Dome

When we arrive, the supportact ´the Feeling´ has just started playing. On one hand this is a rather ungrateful task to warm-up an audience [...]

Dvořák 9 Explained 28 april 2016

  It seems there is still a need to lure people to classical concert in a accessible way. At Tivoli Vredenburg there was a masterclass [...]


One of the most wonderful things of the internet is that you can use it (the wiki pages) to zap from one interesting subject to another inte [...]

North Sea Surf Festival 2015

Los Fantasticos We have only just arrived when Los Fantasticos starts to play. These guys look like old british punkrockers or ska musicians [...]

London Calling loves Concerto Zondag 17 mei 2015

Check at a later time for English Version!       [...]

Surfer Joe Festival 2015

Check at a later time for English Version!   [...]

North Sea Surf Festival 20 september 2014

Check at a later time for English Version!         [...]

Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66

                                    In mijn ogen i [...]
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